1. What’s exactly a value bet?
    That’s a type of bet which the bookie overprices. Its odds are higher than the outcome probability.
  2. I want to start doing it. What’s expected of me?
    You usually need some capital (bank) and a computer/smartphone to use. The next step is to create an account at the online bookmaker you’ve chosen.
  3. Can I find free bets at Value Soccer Tips?
    No! Our service is not free because we spend a lot of time and effort to deliver it to you. You should know that it’s a full-time job. Our tipsters are working very hard to secure these profitable soccer bets to you.
  4. Isn’t this service a little bit expensive?
    Our service is dedicated to bettors who want to secure huge winnings by their betting activity. The value bets are one of the best ways to do so. Look at our service as an investment you’ve made – some real profit is waiting for you at the end.